Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's Not Let Our Hearts Get In The Way

sequin shoulder detail dress, pleather wrap belt, Aldo oxford wedge

Wow. Three posts in and I get lazy with updates. Couldn't really figure out the programs for the new cam I've been using though. Better pics though, eh? Love this new dress I bought. Embroidered sequin shoulder details. Loves it! I also love this belt, too. It's super long so you have to wrap it around you three or four times before it fits, but gives a cool effect.

Went thrifting quite a bunch the past week and picked up some good finds. Nothing from the list, of course. I got a quilted red velvet purse, a military inspired vest, not one but two ponchos (for some reason..) and a very warm winter hat. The hat is actually pretty practical since the buttons on my winter coat decided to abandon ship last week. So I've been wearing my leather coat. the middle of a Canadian winter. ....awesome.

The bf and I went to the Beta Shoe museum on the weekend. It was actually pretty interesting. Shoes from every period in history. The Chopine shoes were the most fascinating. They are these incredibly tall (sometimes 16 inches!) platform shoes women wore in 16/17th century. Amazing what we do to be elegant and beautiful.


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