Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spandex Shorts

Thrifted romper worn as shorts, H&M striped tee, Vintage belt, Urban Outfitters blazer

I am aware these cotton/spandex shorts have a slight camel-toe thing happening in these photos. Kind of also have a hunchback vibe.... It was chilly & late and I am lazy. In real life this outfit is much more flattering.


- Taking sewing lessons, but haven't made anything interesting yet except altering a pair of highwaisted/slightly momish-jeans shorts. Pics to come for judging.

- Started listening to R&B for some insane reason. Still obsessed with Washed Out though.

- Car is dieing. *sigh* It is a '93 though, sooooo......

- Easter was full of food.

- Getting crazy behind on my laundry. Might be because I always just buy new things before I need to wash old things. Hm....

- I think my dog is depressed. Here is a pic of her puppy eyes, macro style.

Big puppy nose!


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